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What is AFM®?

  • AFM® is the best performing filter media on the market with a certified 1 micron filtration rate.
  • AFM® is 100% bio-resistant: Prevents bacterial growth in the filter bed.
  • AFM® is a sustainable product made of recycled glass.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Crystal clear water.
  • Lower chlorine consumption.
  • No chlorine smell and up to 50% less THMs.
  • The risk of infections by bacteria and parasites such as Legionella, Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium is reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • Same performance for many years. AFM® outlasts all other filter media.

AFM® - The best filtration

AFM® - The best filtration requires the best filter media!

AFM® Activated Filter Media is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sand filters without the need of additional investments in infrastructure.

AFM® is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type, processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to become self-sterilizing and to acquire superior adsorption properties.

Self sterilizing surface: AFM® is 100% bio-resistant, prevents channeling and the biological conversion from urea to ammonia in the filter bed responsible for the toxic chlorine smells (trichloramines).

Superior adsorption properties: The surface area of AFM® is strongly increased and becomes hydrophobic (water-repellent) to filter particles down to 1 micron and to remove about 50% more organic substances from the water than sand and other glass filter media, thus reducing the formation of harmful THMs including chloroform by up to 50%.

What is SPACE®?

More than a classic pool automation system, SPACE® is a device that allows you to monitor your pool in real time and control it remotely.

Thanks to its embedded A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), SPACE® continually analyses and controls all the parameters of your pool to improve its own performance, reduce operating costs, eliminate waste and make it truly autonomous!

Autonomy & Performance! With SPACE®, algorithms work together, getting to know your pool and its behaviour better and better (machine learning) to optimise all processes.

Your pool manages its daily needs efficiently, sustainably and autonomously.

the best technology: State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of the system. SPACE® offers unique, next generation connected sensors that provide unparalleled reliability of measurements (pH/ Redox, temperature, pressure, water level, salinity etc.).

This technology, combined with A.I. allows the highest levels of accuracy to be achieved and ensures the continuous optimisation and improvement of your pool.

Always more economical & ecological: No more chemical overdosage, no more water and energy waste. With SPACE® everything is calculated, regulated and optimise ...

  • Chemical injections are done in an intelligent way.
  • Filling of the pool is adapted according to the weather.
  • Water leaks are immediately detected to avoid over-consumption.
  • Pool equipment operating times are constantly adjusted for minimum power consumption.

Adapted to all swimming pools: SPACE® can be installed in all new and existing pools (private and public).

It is suitable for all flow rates and all types of water treatment.

Copy and information courtesy of Dryden Aqua.

For full details of the Dryden Aqua range of swimming pool solutions, including AFM® and SPACE® outlined above, please visit their website: drydenaqua.com