Supply & installation of new Hot Tubs & Spas

Pool and Spa Service can supply and install your Hot Tub or Spa in almost any location - whether indoors or outdoors. We have extensive experience with the necessary ground work and preparation for installation. We provide a truly complete package - whatever your budget and requirements - from sourcing your desired Hot Tub or Spa, to follow-up aftercare, maintenance and servicing.

If you are unsure of what you're after, we can advise and guide you to choosing the right product. We can also provide all the required chemicals and consumables to keep your Hot Tub and Spa in peak condition.

Hot Tub & Spa maintenance & servicing

We have extensive experience with Hot Tub & Spa maintenance and servicing, helping you enjoy your purchase with trouble-free operation. To this end, we provide the following services:

1) Full diagnosis and repair/replacement of spa electrical equipment.
2) Fixing leaks and replacing plumbing.
3) Spa clean down services.
4) Spa moving.
5) Fitting Cover lifters.
6) Balancing chemicals.
7) Gazebo assembly.

If would like to discuss any of our Hot Tub & Spa services, or have any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our contact details are available on every page, or head straight for the Contact page.

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